Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique which we used to rank our websites higher in the search engine rankings such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com etc. We provide SEO services all around the world. With our unique, safe and professionals strategies and techniques we can rank almost every keyword higher in the search engine rankings. Best SEO strategy is required to earn top positions in search engines, we provide strategies which are up to date and safe from all Google Algorithms.

Our Techniques

Our Search engine optimization techniques not just help you to get better rankings, but to achieve your target which you were thinking of to earn from your online business. Now in the modern age almost every businessman in Pakistan knows about the Search Engine Optimization and also they want to rank their websites in the top results of Google, Yahoo & bing to promote their business on the web and get more sales and profit. We make sure that your website will be ranking in the top results of search engines that will boost up your sales and give you much more profit that you think.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

A unique and latest SEO strategy is required to achieve the top rankings. Following are some techniques which we "Team OctaDev" always follow.

Keyword Research in Depth

Remember keyword research can make you or it can break you. Proper keyword research is required to grow your online business. We do a complete keyword research and choose the best relevant keywords for your online business that are more profitable for your business. And not making a mistake like others do that made a promise before and not be able to rank keywords in the given time.

Proper On Page Strategy

We all are well aware of the slogan "Content is King". And yes for sure it is, we make sure that your website is full of unique and fresh content. We will be taking care of your website's on page. We will be setting keyword density as per the keyword requirments for every page, we do best interlinking that will pass massive link juice with in your website's relevant pages that will help your other web pages to rank high.

Proper Off Page Strategy

After content, we all know that "Backlink profile is Queen". The key to rank higher in Google after on page is to get high quality & niche relevant backlinks. We take care every kind of off page strategy which we need to rank a particular website. We take care of link velocity, anchor text variation, proper anchor text dilution and manange the percentage of dofollow and nofollow backlinks.